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Jerusalem Open House was founded in 1996, by Rabbi Chaim Cohen. It began when Rabbi Cohen met a friend in the street at night. The man hadn’t eaten in three days. Rabbi Cohen gave him food, and invited him in to sleep at his home. He realized that Jerusalem was teeming with poor people. And he opened his ears to their wailing, Rabbi Cohen became their guardian. He decided to start by opening a soup kitchen.

Jerusalem Open House is open all day, every day. From early morning until midnight, we are busy satisfying the hungry in a sensitive manner. We serve about 400 portions per meal. Jerusalem Open House is very careful in preserving the dignity of the poor. For those who cannot make it to us, we deliver. Each week we deliver close to one hundred Shabbos packages, containing delicious cooked meals and enough groceries to feed the families for most of the week.

Our early morning hours allow us to serve a special population; young yeshiva children, who eat breakfast, and pack up sandwiches to take to school for lunch. So we fuel growing bodies and minds.

Rabbi Cohen didn’t let it rest at that. In addition to the soup kitchen, Linas Hachesed operates Coat Distribution Program each year. Jerusalem winters are cold and wet, yet thousands of children don’t own winter coats. We at Linas Hachesed see to it that the poor don’t freeze, we try to give coats to as many needy as possible.

It doesn’t end there, however. Linas Hachesed looks out for those less fortunate all year round. Whenever the need may arise, we step in to help. This is especially apparent before Yomim Tovim, as we approach Pesach for example, Linas Hachesed runs on high-gear. Many people, who otherwise are making an almost decent living, cannot afford the expense of matzah, meat, wine etc. We will not let them go broke; their children will not be embarrassed before their friends.

When these poor children grow up, they deserve the chance to get married and establish themselves. Linas Hachesed gives generous Hachnosas Kallah checks to the needy to help pay for their wedding necessities. It is our way of putting joy into their Simcha.

Linas Hachesed is the address for Jerusalem’s poorest, most desperate souls. When you support Linas Hachesed, you make a real difference – and you perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in a magnificent, multi-faceted way. You truly help the poor. And you truly earn the blessings promised to those who care for their less fortunate brethren.

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