To our dear...


To our dear Benefactors at Jerusalem Open House,

I would love to be able to send you a large donation, enough to cover your entire expenses. But I can not; I unfortunately am one of those who benefit from your kitchen everyday. At least I can send you this note of thanks.

I am the mother of a large family. My husband is working, but somehow none of his jobs so far where long-lived, he is constantly looking for a new one. It would have been easier to put up with this without hunger as our constant companion. Worst of all is for the children. You can't imagine how a mother's heart breaks when she sends children out in the morning hungry.

Hodu L'hashem  we came across Jerusalem Open House. For feeding my starving children so they have strength to learn torah, may you be blessed. For feeding my husband so that he can get to work with energy, may you be blessed. For sending food home with him, so we can both eat and our sholom bayis should stay intact, may you be blessed. And for all your generous donors, who make it possible for you to continue your holy work, may Hashem bless them.

D. K.

A most grateful recipient of your generosity